Choose the membership that's right for you or your organisation 

'Once you stop learning you start dying'  Einstein  

We only have one commitment to you and that is – RESULTS.

Here are our options for working together

Simple Membership - Green Level

What’s included in your monthly subscription?

You will be supported with the following to help you to continuously grow and develop your coaching skills:

  • Knowledge Hub: A wealth of help, guidance and support that have been used by our leaders in the areas of executive and performance coaching for over 30 years. It includes webinars, seminars, train the trainer, audio, video, written materials, interactive questionnaires and useful handouts
  • Personal use of GoalShaper software to help you develop your own vision, set your personal and professional goals and manage your time more efficiently. Guaranteed to increase productivity

Simple Membership is ideal for those who are new to coaching, are in HR or L&D roles.

CPD Track (Continuing Professional Development) - Blue Level

If you want to build your business or coaching practice without having to spend countless hours sifting in  classrooms and googling resources, then CPD Track might be exactly what you need.

Not only will you have cutting edge, professional and personal development webinars delivered to you regularly but you can rest assured they have been vetted by us for quality standards. Here is a small sample of our  past events

And rather than having to Google or re-watch or research an online course to help you stay ahead you can  simply reach out to industry experts and get instant help for instant results.

You will be supported with the following to help you to continuously grow and develop your coaching skills:

  • Multiple monthly LIVE coach training webinars focused on executive and corporate coaching and practitioner coaching which count towards your CPD
  • LIVE weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) calls where our resident experts are here to answer your questions (private clients only)
  • Allocation of CPD points in your private membership area
  • Personal record of achievements and training's undertaken
  • Corporate or SME reporting on number of hours attended for CPD

CPD Track is ideal for businesses, corporate trainers and executive coaches who want to evidence their continual professional development.

Business Builder - Violet Level

If you are self employed or run a small business and are ready to take your business to the next level,  you may wish to join as one of our Business Builders

With this option you will benefit from having:

  • All of the above in both Simple Membership and CPD Track
  • Digital business system modules – Blueprints, Set Up, Marketing, Training
  • System set up GoalShaper certification
  • 90 Day Planning LIVE events 
  • Your own SAAS (Software as a Service) Coaching Office where you can add 20 of your clients as users of GoalShaper and track their progress. Inside your ‘Coaching Office’ you can also store coaching notes or audio sessions and you can share notes or resources with your own coaching clients
  • Regular meet-ups with other ‘Business Builder’ members 

Joining this elite group of business builders is by application only.