I began the ‘merry, merry month of May’ in Denmark where I was gifted generously by Mother Nature. I had the pleasure of watching the spring green, the colour of choice and resurrection, burst forth with colour in the form of flowering hedges and trees.

My friend Iben’s garden went from only green to a riot of colour in a matter of days. The scent of lilacs greeted us each morning as we stepped into the garden to enjoy our coffee in the warmth of the Sun. For the first 2 weeks of May in Copenhagen I experienced my idea of ideal weather and a gentle peace in the private sessions and teaching.

I experienced deep joy teaching in the latest SOURCE 5 Month Program the 4th to the 6th of May.
The theme:
What’s Love Got to Do with the Body?
Here is what we spoke about, discovered, and learned together in this profound inquiry and reflection.
Making peace with being physical means making peace with the Feminine, making peace with Mother, making peace with feeling, and making peace with being sensual and sexual.
What has Mother got to do with LOVE/God?
We were wholly connected with her giving and receiving, as we were ‘becoming human’.
Was mother able to receive in her giving?

Path to Peace –  Forgive yourself and embrace innocence, then you can truly surrender, and peace, freedom from conflict, is the inevitable result.
Forgive your choice to be here with the intensity of sensation/feeling.
Forgive your Self for choosing the Sensor, the Body.

Why am I here? To Love and to serve, and our greatest service is to be able to be wholly present where we are.
Are you serving?
Are you giving and receiving in your giving?
Are you honouring the Mother and Father within?
Are you bringing Spirit into form and allowing form to serve Spirit?
Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov said:
“Those who can will understand, all that I say revolves around one thought,
Matter must become spiritualised and Spirit must become materialised.     
The beloved hastens to cover the distance that separates her from her lover who comes to her from the high spheres. They meet somewhere in space and merge.  Spirit descends into the depths of the human being and all that is passionate and primitive gives way to grandeur, nobleness of spirit, intelligence, light, beauty, love, purity, and gentleness.”

God is LOVE is what my grandmother, Binnie Dansby, told me when I asked the ‘what is, who is’ God question.
LOVE is God, the formless, that place where we are all connected.
In the formless state LOVE cannot see or touch itself.
LOVE’S individuated consciousness is Spirit, and the consciousness of Spirit that desires to take form is what we call the Soul. The Soul wanted to appreciate itself in all forms, to touch and smell and see and speak and hear. It longed to sense Itself in the Other.
Separating from the formless and taking on form with all the senses causes some chaos and, in the case of modern birth, confusion and pain. The physical metaphor is human birth.

Peace is the absence of conflict. Complete surrender.
How can we be peaceful if we do not know that we are safe and supported?
How can we be peaceful if we do not know that Mother is safe?
How can we be peaceful if, in our resistance, we are in pain?

We can heal the first breath that was forced – the explosion of air in the lungs and the air and hands touching the skin, being manipulated by strangers, the loud voices and sounds, gravity pressing in as we are unfolding and organs are coming on line. Primal reflexes cause us to pull arms and legs in, to protect ourselves. We make primal decisions in that process, the body remembers.

What if you declared peace with your body?
What if you decided to have an unconditionally loving relationship with your body?

What if you were certain that . . .
My body is safe no matter how it is feeling!
My body is support and supported!
My body is a sensor, energy in motion!

I am the One who chooses what to think about my energy. I choose how to use my energy!
My body is innocent and so am I!
My body is an expression of my love for everyone!
My body is connected in Love to all that lives and all that breathes!
My body materialises Spirit and my Soul is satisfied.

Imagine having your LOVE, your Divinity, seen and received.
A very clear and resonant message became apparent in all of our sharing and dialogue. We realised that the message from the depths of being is:
Our deepest longing is to have our LOVE seen and received. It must happen within, if Mother did not greet us with, “Thank you for loving me so much.”

My LOVE is seen and acknowledged.
My LOVE is received.
My LOVE is welcome.


After many years and guiding the process numerous time a year, I am engaged in doing 30 days of the Process ForGiving. I am on the 4th day, this 25th of May. I will report, stay tuned. This 30-day process always brings deep change. You could join me.

I am looking forward to the 10 day fasting retreat in Estonia that I have told you about. I will go on the 12th of June and return to the UK on the 26th of June. There will be 10 of us breathing and fasting and being together in the gardens of Lusikatalu.

My next weekend in Denmark is 24 to 26 August. The subject of inquiry and discovery is Sensuality and Sexuality. For information about the SOURCE 5-month programs and open weekends contact, Dorte Andersson