What you see in others matters, so make it count.

Watch a short video clip on a simple, yet powerful idea. By Tony Burgess.

What you see in others will affect your thoughts about them, you communications with them and your actions towards them. If you are a coach or a people-development professional of one sort or another, seeing people’s talents, skills, resourcefulness and potential for growth and achievement is going to be crucial if you intend to effectively facilitate the achievement of their goals.

By watching this video clip, you can begin to:

  • Consider the power of your own perceptions of the people you coach
  • Become a diamond miner – see treasure in people even when they cannot see it in themselves
  • See beyond the surface behaviours and responses to the greatness residing within your clients
  • Understand that your clarity about your clients’ greatness will inevitably ‘leak’ into your interactions with them
  • Commit to being the one who consistently sees the potential in people

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