Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis (TA) was founded by Eric Berne (1910-1970) who made complex interpersonal transactions understandable especially the ‘games’ that the ‘inner child’ plays in order to gain recognition from others. TA focuses on people’s external behaviour rather than analysing internal psychological processes. One useful tool that we have used to help leaders develop their Emotional Intelligence is Transactional Analysis.

The philosophy of transactional analysis (TA) is that:

  • People are OK; each person has validity, importance, equality of respect
  • Everyone (with only a few exceptions) has a full adult capability to think
  • People have subconsciously decided their story (script) and destiny; these decisions can be changed

Through understanding TA we can generate:

  • Increased autonomy (freedom from childhood script and drivers)
  • More spontaneity (by being more of our authentic self)
  • Strengthened relationships (by understanding our transactions)
  • Change and choice (by problem-solving as opposed to avoidance)

Please take the TA Driver questionnaire by clicking the link below 

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