Harness the power of language to support goal attainment

Your language matters.

Read all about it in ‘Powerful language patterns that get results! A handbook for coaches and facilitators of change’ by Tony Burgess

You can use language purposefully to support people in accessing their resourcefulness, solutions and desired outcomes and experiences … or … you can use it haphazardly and leave it to chance as to whether your communication is easing or hindering people’s journeys.

So many well-meaning people are inadvertently sabotaging their communications by not knowing the rules of crafting influential language. Some say they do not want to learn influential language because they don’t want to ‘manipulate’ anyone. The problem with such an objection is that clumsy, non-purposeful language will be manipulating people anyway, it’s just that it might not be in helpful ways if the speakers don’t properly understand the power of their own words. If your language is going to affect others (which it is), it might as well be in helpful ways.

This handbook will help you to make helpful language use an integral part of your coaching practices. Specifically, it can help you to:

  • Become more aware of how your use of language can help or hinder your communication
  • Learn how to align your language with unlocking your clients’ resourcefulness
  • Lower client resistance to their own progress and success
  • Understand how to make perceived obstacles transient and resolvable
  • Become proficient at ‘selling’ success, including the concepts of possibility, progress and personal power

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