Some questions for your coaching toolbox

Two documents summarising some favourite ‘discovery questions’ and ‘solution-focused questions’ that the authors, Tony Burgess and Julie French use in their day to day coaching work.

Questions are powerful. Great questions can help you as a coach to uncover what people want, why it matters, what their doubts and insecurities are, how they see themselves, what is likely to inspire and motivate them, what their most important values are and how they perceive their purpose. Your questions  can help clients to bring forward solutions, open up their resourcefulness, consider their options, find ways to keep balance and resilience, anticipate coping with any challenges and get creative about ways to keep momentum. Make it your mission as a coach to keep expanding and evolving your tool box of great questions.

Reading these documents and integrating the questions into your coaching conversations will help you:

  • Uncover what matters to people
  • Encourage people to experience the full richness of their desired outcomes
  • Tease out people’s resourcefulness
  • Get people generating options
  • Help people dig deeper for creative solutions

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