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The best coaches continuously remain curious about how they can keep adding more value to their clients through expansion of knowledge, tools and skills.

In this section, you can expand your repertoire of impactful coaching questions. You can learn about Transactional Analysis (TA) and DISC as models for helping clients increase awareness, emotional intelligence and behavioural flexibility. You can learn how to master the power of hypnotic language to ensure that your words purposefully smooth the way for development and goal attainment rather than inadvertently getting in the way of progress. You’ll also be prompted to proactively work on seeing the best in people so you more easily tease out your client’s greatest resourcefulness. You will be encouraged to get your clients curious about how their emotions can have a structure that can be harnessed for positive change.

The thoroughly tried and tested resources in this section include:

  • Videos
  • An article
  • A handbook
  • Summary documents