Looking for training resources? 

Do you want to become a seminar leader or corporate trainer? 

Whether you’ve been training for a while or have never delivered training, our resources will show you how to become a facilitator of learning, not just a presenter of information. The key to a great delivery is the ability to change peoples lives with your words and we will show you how. 

Train the Trainer – is for individuals who wish to be great trainers. Participants gain the essential skills and techniques to engage and motivate learners with training that is founded on our  ‘whole person’ perspective. 

The training courses you will find here have been used for global corporate rollouts and are tried and tested in the real world. The resources included here are delivered by Adrian Heywood who was part of the team delivering the Leadership Framework for EDS before it was sold to HP. Resources include:

    • PowerPoint 
    • Workbooks 
    • Audio explanations of PowerPoint 
    • Audio explanations of Workbook