Are your meetings inclusive? 

Interview with Christine Ashton, CXO, SAP 

We bet you’ve never thought about how biology can hijack your behaviour in meetings? Did you know, for instance, that men’s testosterone rises in meetings and women’s oxytocin rises? Could this be the reason that women’s unifying complaint is often that they are not heard in meetings? Find out how biology affects team dynamics and client meetings. The webcast will teach you how to understand the dynamics of managing gender-balanced meetings, learning how to maintain control in meetings under pressure, how to unconscious power games played and how to develop strategies to stop them. Our special interview for this module is with Christine Ashton, then Group Strategy Director, Transport for London.

  • What is the gender scale? 
  • Brain chemistry under stress 
  • Practical and strategic tips for running effective meetings 
  • Identify unconscious power games and stop them 
  • Maintaining control under pressure 

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