Interview with John Donovan, COO, EMEAR, Cisco 

Can nice girls negotiate? Much of your success depends on how well you can influence other people and how skilled you are at negotiating for your desired outcome. It is generally accepted that there is a social cost to women asking or negotiating and in this webcast, we look at biology and social conditioning as well as offering some great advice on successful negotiating tactics. The human brain and cognition is the basis for negotiation but how do you read behavioural signals if they are in a language you don’t understand? Knowing how to tweak your negotiating and influencing style will transform your ability to get results with the other 50% of the population.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • How biological facts affect our influencing style  
  • How societal influences play out in negotiation 
  • Win/Win negotiation facts  
  • The 3 Ps for practical tips on how to dramatically increase your results 
  • Expert interview with John Donovan, then Vice-President Private Sector, Cisco UK & Ireland’

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