Women make the decision in the purchases of 94% of home furnishings…92% of vacations…91% of homes… 60% of automobiles…51% of consumer electronics making 80% of all purchasing decisions (Harvard Business Review) In short, this makes women the most valuable consumer group in the world. Many marketing and branding strategies attempt to please all of the people all of the time. This video interview sheds light on the best marketing ideas which fall out of understanding the differences between people. The most profound difference is their gender. A deep understanding of this difference can lead to more relevant, meaningful ideas, that will contribute more significantly to a brand’s success. For example, recent research indicates that women live by four main codes the Altruism, Aesthetic, Ordering and Affinity codes which play a significant role in the way women judge and purchase goods and services. Brands or products that successfully reflect these codes will be the ones that stand out.

Interview with Jane Cunningham, co-author of ‘Inside Her Pretty Little Head’ 

  • Think about how you can differentiate your marketing 
  • Look at what happens when Agency’s get it wrong 
  • Reflect on what makes a brand successful 
  • Learn Gender IQ marketing language 
  • Listen in on Jane’s funny story that was the catalyst for her work in this area 

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