Introduction to the Gender IQ series sponsored by Cisco 

In this webcast, we introduce the subject of Gender Intelligence and explain how it can improve your Competitive Advantage – personally and for your organisation. Do you know whether you have a female brain or a male brain? We’ll show you how to find out and what it means in terms of being a skilled leader and influencing both women and men for a competitive edge. Note that the statistics when we filmed this series in 2010 have changed little yet, it is now well known, that companies with diverse management teams perform better. 

If you want to keep your female talent watch this webcast for the biological evidence that we now know contributes to female attrition. Gender Intelligence equals significantly increased bottom line results. Contributors include Nikki Walker, the director for Inclusion & Diversity for European Markets at Cisco and Alison Pothier who was MD at UBS Warburg, age just 35.

  • Introduction to Gender IQ and why it is important 
  • Do you have a male or female brain? 
  • The business case for education in Gender IQ 
  • How to handle female attrition 
  • Senior level interviews and reflections 

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