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Gender IQ is a ground-breaking online resource bringing Gender Intelligence into management language and practice.

How does Gender IQ affect meetings, negotiating, how you sell, how you do your marketing, how you communicate with your team and manage conflict?

Exploring and harnessing the power of gender differences can add significant profit to your bottom line through retention of key talent and deeper understanding of your customers.   It is vital to have these skills in your tool-box as a coach or manager. 

To whet your appetite and make you laugh out loud take 15 minutes to watch this video from Mark Gungor, called a Tale of Two Brains 


What you will find here

    • 7 ssuccinct video workshops incorporating Gender IQ into normal management training such as ‘Better meetings’ or ‘Negotiating and Influencing’  (click the links on the left-hand side)
    • Synchronised presentations using video, PowerPoint, information and exclusive interviews 
    • Fascinating video insights from senior leaders or managers who have interesting stories to share
    • A moderated, live forum where you can ask questions, explore stereotypes and join an important conversation