Our work with senior women at eve-olution over 15 years allowed us to collect a lot of valuable data and insight into what makes successful women stand out among their peers. The critical competencies we identified have been used to help individuals evaluate their own strengths and development needs, and we are pleased to be able to share these with you now, to help you do the same. Or, indeed, to help the women in your team. 

The women who participated in the launch of this project were all in the marshmallow layer within blue chip organisations and were ready to take the next step into Senior Executive positions. In other words, they were, on average, within the top 15% of employees within their organisation and were, therefore, already enjoying considerable success in their careers.

From this research, you will discover: 

  • Training and development needs identified by Senior Women Focus Groups 
  • The Authentic Leadership Model 
  • The competencies of an Authentic Leader 
  • The benchmarks for Authentic Leadership 
  • Differences between male and female leaders according to 360-degree research 

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