The Assertive Female Leader – Live

The reason why men feature as leaders so often is because they are giving value and asking for a reward. But still, some women are afraid to ask for money, promotion and even afraid to raise concerns. 

Here’s what you’ll learn by investing 55 minutes of your time in this live recorded webinar with power point. 

How Assertive Leadership gives you a huge advantage once you stop being afraid to assert your power or, stop overcompensating in a masculine way. Both of these unconscious strategies will limit your success. 

  • Learn the secrets that have worked for Executive level women all over the world
  • Learn the very personal inner strategies that Tracey Carr  uses herself 
  • The #1 thing you MUST consider every day and in every situation
  • Tracey’s strategy for going beyond fear 
  •  Content-rich and loaded with the EXACT strategies Tracey uses and tons of “how to’s” you can implement immediately.

NB: Video and Power Point starts at 9 minutes into this live presentation 

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