Be careful what you search for!

Our minds are compared to Google in this video – Your mind is like a search engine! – by Tony Burgess.

This video clip shares a metaphorical link between the way Google works and the way the human mind processes requests. If you want your ‘inner team’ to focus on what you do want and to focus its energies on that, then make sure you are clearly identifying what it is that you do want it to ‘search’ for. Make sure the keywords are oriented in the direction you want your mind to point.

Watching this short video will help you:

  • Gain awareness that your thinking is not always focused on the most helpful direction for achievement
  • Discover that you have a choice about what your mind ‘searches’ for
  • Become aware that what you resist can sometimes persist due to your attention on it
  • Appreciate that most unhelpful ‘searches’ can be easily turned around into more helpful ‘searches’
  • Commit to being in charge of how you prime your mind through your thoughts

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