Harness the full power of your inner voice

Watch the inspirational video – Your inner voice has tonality and it matters! By Tony Burgess.

People tend to instinctively realise that voice tonality, volume, quality and pace really matter when speaking to an audience (of one or many). If we want them to feel calm, we wouldn’t bark at someone in a loud aggressive voice and if we wanted someone to be alert we wouldn’t speak to them through a stifled yawn. And yet when a person speaks in their head to themselves, they tend to throw the rule book out the window. They want to feel confident and yet they may speak to themselves in a panicky voice. They want a restful night’s sleep and yet they may be ranting at themselves in their head in ‘fight-flight’ tonality. This clip encourages you to consider using your ‘inner voice’ as purposefully as you may already be choosing to use your voice when speaking with others.

By watching this video, you can start to:

  • Appreciate that just as your external voice tonality matters when you are coaching, your inner thinking voice will matter for influencing yourself
  • Understand that you have at least the same wide range of choices when choosing inner tonality as when you choose outer tonality in your communications with others
  • Influence your state with some simple experimenting with tonality
  • Notice what works in terms of helping you get the results you want for yourself
  • Commit to taking control of the tonality of your inner voice

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