Priming your mind with whatever is most important

An article introducing an exercise for priming your mind for particular states, experiences and concepts. By Tony Burgess.

Your ‘inner team’ is awaiting today’s agenda. What you focus on expands in your experience, so make sure you are focusing on the good stuff that you want to attract and experience. When you have goals that you intend to achieve, it is useful to be proactive about programming the mind to focus on what you want.

This resource is a simple yet powerful exercise for priming your mind to steer you in the direction of your highest values, wants and needs.

By doing this exercise you can start to:

  • Place desired and intended states, resources and experiences clearly in the forefront of your mind
  • Reinforce your inner agenda so your ‘inner team’ knows your priorities
  • Wake up to what is most important to you
  • Prime your mind to notice more opportunities that are aligned with what matters to you
  • Pave the path of your inner journey with treasure


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