Your habitual patterns of thinking affect how you feel, what you notice, what you ‘delete’, how you make sense of the world, what you anticipate, what capabilities you access and what behaviours happen. In other words, your thinking really matters.

How strange then that at school we were not, as a matter of priority, being educated to really notice how we think, consider the consequences of our thinking and given the toolbox to master our thinking. Most people leave school with little awareness of how to proactively assess and shape their thinking to get their best experiences and outcomes in life. Few learn at school to harness their thinking for goal attainment and well being. In fact, many adults are walking through life more as passive responders to their default thinking patterns rather than feeling aware and empowered to be at the controls.

The resources in this section will help you to:

  • Increase your awareness of your current default thinking patterns
  • Evaluate the usefulness of your thinking in relation to what you want to achieve and experience
  • Choose the direction of your thinking
  • Recognise that you have more empowered choice to change your thinking than you may have previously realised

In this section you will find:

  • An Ebook
  • Articles
  • Video clips

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    You’re hiding your light under a bushel there Tony. This section has info, an ebook and videos about how we think and how we can gain greater control over HOW we think.

    Well worth an explore . . . who’s in control of your thinking?

    You can make sure it’s you!


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