Breathing into HealingSOURCE meditation – Foundations for Life

“A thought planted in the mind nourished by the breath takes root in the Heart of every cell in the body.” Binnie A Dansby

This recording is a deepening, a form of guided meditation/visualisation with particular attention to the conscious, connected breath, as well as thoughts and images. Deepenings are an integral part of Binnie Dansby’s teaching. This is one of her most popular processes with students. There is original music and a message delivered by Binnie that will take you to a place deep inside where peace lives.

As you listen . . .

  • You will hear and be encouraged to connect your breath throughout the deep meditation
  • You will receive an introduction about the basic philosophy that is the foundation of the system, SOURCE Process and Breathwork (see below), on the first track. The second track is the guided meditation
  • You will experience a deepening designed and delivered to facilitate you to access thoughts held deep in the consciousness, thoughts that are the basic beliefs upon which we create our current way of being
  • You will be able to begin to change your basic belief structure by choosing new thoughts about yourself and your perceptions of the past
  • You will notice new choices of what to think, supported and nurtured by the most essential of life’s energies, the breath, literally recreating the foundation of our personality and producing sustainable life-enhancing results in daily life



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