Why Does Consciousness Matter?

We enter the world with nothing and leave with nothing. Our material life often feels empty but within our spiritual life we can increase our consciousness and well being.

All of us possess the drive to evolve, to become the highest possible expression of ourselves and to fully realise our potential. At CDC we believe that traditional routes to personal development can do a lot for conscious development but that true depth comes from working with the unconscious mind. Theoretical learning does not develop consciousness.

At the lower levels of consciousness, material ambitions and an egotistical nature are justified because they drive us onwards. But once we have progressed beyond these lower levels we are no longer interested in those motives and they are gradually eliminated from our being. Eventually we understand that nothing outside of us can bring lasting peace or satisfaction, and that the only way we can achieve this is to develop our consciousness.

Our Leadership team is led in advanced personal development (psycho-spiritual) by Binnie A  Dansby. Most of the resources that you will find in this section have been lovingly created by Binnie and they will take you deeper into your psyche and help you to answer those questions which don’t easily lend themselves to practical solutions.

In this section, you will find meditation guides in pdf and audio plus a deep conversation between Binnie and Tracey about Consciousness.