Time to carve out a new pathway?

To make a personal change, walk a new path.  By Tony Burgess

To make a personal change, you will need to do things differently (inside and out). You may need to abandon a familiar pathway that is getting you unhelpful experiences and results, in order to carve out a new one. To create a new pathway across a cornfield, you’ll need to tread down some different corn.

By watching this short video, you can begin to:

  • Appreciate how tempting it is to stick with a familiar path even when it is not working
  • Consider what will motivate you to break from the familiar, well-trodden track to carve out a new pathway take you to different results
  • Notice the importance of repetition to establish a new pathway
  • Commit to carving out a new path when you understand that a familiar route is not taking your where you want to go

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