A handbook for more confident presenting

Overcome performance nerves – How to connect with your true confidence as a presenter or performer! By Tony Burgess.

Standing up and speaking in front of a group of strangers is reported to be one of the most debilitating fears for many people. They have things they want to share. They have wisdom to convey. They have a message that needs to be out there. Yet they feel terrified at the very prospect of actually getting up and delivering a presentation.

This can change for the better.

The author of this handbook, Tony Burgess, used to be terribly nervous about the idea of presenting and yet now he is passionate about doing so for a living. He has for many years now enjoyed regularly sharing his message with audiences large and small. He empathises with people who are nervous or scared about presenting and he has helped many to step up to become the confident speakers and performers they deserve to be.

This handbook is stacked full of information and practical tips to help you to:

  • Increase awareness of how exactly you are thinking. Capture the differences that really matter!

  • Gain an appreciation of what makes up the structure of your inner world

  • Play with the structure of your thinking to get better experiences

  • Expand your personal confidence zone to enjoy more confident performance

  • Step into the template of the confident person that you really are

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