The Learning Log

For those of us committed to continuing personal and professional development this is a gem of a document enabling us to summarise key learnings, insights and actions we will take after investing time in learning.

It’s all too easy to attend a conference, event/call or webinar, or to read a book, listen to an Audible book – or any other form of on or offline learning and then realise that – although it contained excellent ideas we could benefit from, we didn’t actually take time to integrate the learning and apply it in our lives and businesses.

The learning log helps you to:

  • Record what you did, where  and how much time or money you invested in it.
  • Track your return on investment by giving you a structure to capture your general observations as well as your insights and key learnings
  • Capture the BFOs – those ‘blinding flashes of the obvious’ – that you know but may have stopped doing/using some time ago
  • List the actions you can take in your life and business as a result of your investment of time and money
  • Track your learning, study and application of the principles and strategies covered.

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