Increase psychological and emotional freedom – How to use Havening to clear an upsetting event from your brain. By Tony Burgess, Certified Practitioner and Trainer of Havening Techniques

Upsetting and distressing events get processed in the brain in a way to stimulate survival responses in the moment and to help protect the system from possible future events that could be similar. This is great when it works in our favour. Often though it can cause lingering suffering that gets in the way of a person living the joy-filled life that he or she deserves to experience.

Havening Techniques can help to reassure the brain to ‘let go’ of encoded trauma so that the person can get on with their life again without carrying this baggage with them.

In this video, one particular version of Havening is demonstrated called ‘Event Havening’ and it is being shown as a self-applied technique. Please note that we recommend you seek the help of a certified practitioner if you wish to work on any severely distressing past events.

Watching this video will help you to:

  • Understand the basic moves of Havening and how to apply them to yourself
  • Notice how distraction can keep your working memory out of the way whilst the clearing is done
  • Experience letting go of an upsetting or distressing event
  • Know where to find out more about Havening Techniques
  • Appreciate the positive power you have right there in your hands

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