Align beliefs with desired outcomes for best results

E-book (pdf file) of 6-step belief change process by Tony Burgess and Julie French.

This book was written to share a 6-step belief change process with professional change-facilitators such as coaches and therapists. Tony Burgess and Julie French have shared this process with hundreds of their own clients and have also taught the method to many other people-development professionals over the years.

People tend to believe their own beliefs. People tend to act as if their beliefs are true because they seem so compellingly like they are ‘reality’. In fact any belief is a heavily filtered, biased version of reality. A partial representation of reality. An angle on reality. Sometimes a belief (representation) may be ‘helpful’ in that it helps someone feel resourceful, make progress towards their goals and access emotional states that they want to experience. Another belief may be ‘unhelpful’ in that it is ‘getting in the way’ of a person accessing their inner resourcefulness, is preventing them from making progress or experiencing what they want to experience.

By reading this e-book, you can:

  • Increase your awareness that beliefs are just heavily biased representations of reality that can be ‘helpful’ or ‘unhelpful’ to attaining desired outcomes and states. Through awareness comes increased choice
  • Learn how to change your own beliefs when it is useful to do so. Align them with your intended and desired outcomes and experiences (for example in your coaching work and your business building)
  • Help your clients to ‘get out of their own way’ and align their beliefs with what they want to achieve and experience
  • Help clients to create an inner world that is conducive to them living their best year yet
  • Get into the driving seat of your own success journey by taking an inside-out approach to making things happen


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