Why You Must Learn To Say No

Every time we say yes to something, we are saying no to somebody or something else. 

Boundaries are important. They protect us by helping others to understand what’s most important to us and how we want to be treated.

We all have careers or are  building a businesses and  invest energy into friends and the local community as well. Each requires energy, so it’s important to learn to set boundaries and manage the opportunities and requests that come our way. But this isn’t always easy!

Why? Because when invited to be involved in a project or activity, we  want to say ‘Yes’. And sadly, this isn’t always best for ourselves  or those we said ‘Yes’ to. On these occasions, good boundaries help.

If we don’t set healthy boundaries we may experience burnout and/or let important people or projects drop .

So here is a nice easy cheat sheet that you can carry with you to remind yourself of how to say no in a healthy and non threatening way. Remember to always speak your truth with love!

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