Assertiveness is the quality of being self-assured without being aggressive. When someone is being assertive they are respecting the needs of others whilst also valuing their own needs (win-win). In contrast, when someone is unassertive, they are in effect putting the needs of others above their own (lose-win). They are not standing up for their own corner. When someone is aggressive they are putting their own needs above those of others (win-lose).

Learning to stand up and interact with others as an equal is essential for personal growth and also for team development. Holding back your ideas, your views and your contributions does not serve you or serve others. Claiming your right to speak up, get involved and be heard is one of the most helpful shifts that you can make.

Stepping up your assertiveness will help you to:

  • Contribute your wisdom and experience
  • Stand tall and feel more confident
  • Help others to become more assertive through your example
  • Instigate more respectful interactions