If you’ve never created your list of 101 Dreams this is a great place to start.  It’s challenging to list 101 things that are on your ‘dream’ list.  They may not be goals yet (some may never become goals).  You will look at all the things you’d like to DO, BE or HAVE.  And you’ll keep looking.  You will need to dig deep to create 101 dreams and so you may want to do market research amongst your colleagues and friends.

This downloadable PowerPoint file guides you in creating your own 101 Dreams because we all need dreams

  • Dream before we choose our goals 
  • Set a clear goal before we set a plan for its achievement
  • Take action to implement the plan before we achieve
  • Achieve the goal .. then
  • CELEBRATE – enjoy the moment  (before choosing our next goal)
  • Remember to use the Goal-Shaper software to help you form better habits 

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