In this companion piece to the Goal Planning Guide, you can download a presentation which explores various aspects of Setting Goals.  The Powerpoint document has some presenter prompts and is an entry-level guide to goal planning.

This explores the importance of setting goals, the language that you use (which will identify your beliefs), chunking big goals down into manageable smaller parts.  With any goal, this – together with the Goal Planning Guide – helps you to:

  • Create a well-formed outcome – a clear goal 
  • Ensure that the goal is yours and not someone else’s (that will affect your passion and commitment to see it through)
  • Check your thoughts, which create your beliefs, which create your behaviours, which create your results
  • Plan forward, then work back to ensure you’ve captured the steps for the achievement of your goal
  • The process – including reviewing and refining your goal as you work towards its achievement

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