Goal Planning Resources 

This 8-page document includes a tried, tested and proven approach to setting goals and includes a 2-page Goal Sheet template that you can print double-sided which will ask you the right questions to help you set powerful and achievable goals.  Once you have done this way not record those goals in your GoalShaper software? 

As well as the template, the guide itself takes you through each of the steps and questions to give you greater clarity on formulating and refining your own goals.

You will look at different aspects of goal planning including:

  • Not just WHAT you want but WHY
  • What is the cost of NOT doing it – what will that mean to you (as well as why you believe you truly need to achieve it)
  • It will help you set out the steps to achieving your goal so you can timeline them, and ‘smarten’ them up
  • What obstacles will you need to overcome to achieve this goal? Being prepared will help you to stay committed when the going gets tough
  • The type of person you will need to become to achieve your goal, who can help you, and the evidence that will prove you’ve achieved it

Goals & Goal Setting PPT:

This 7-page presentation takes you through the Importance of Goal Setting; why it’s no guarantee of achievement; how your thoughts and beliefs impact on your results.

It also includes a simple 5 step goal setting exercise, an action plan and tips to review and refine your goals.

  • Why your BELIEFS & THOUGHTS matter
  • Why goal setting is important but no guarantee
  • 5 Step exercise
  • An action plan for creating your goals (the inverted pyramid approach)

A plan for reviewing and refining your goals to maintain focus and achieve your desired results.

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