Life is so much easier when you’ve taken the time to write up and publish your ‘Rules of the Game’ or the Culture Statement for your business explaining your culture and your values. 

We suggest having 12-14 points that summarise what you are about, what you stand for and what values are important to you.  This gives you clarity and also helps others to understand what you are all about and what working with you will be like.

Please note that the example shared was created by Mary Collin & Andy Gwynn during their time as ActionCOACH business coaches.  We share a past example of our own with grateful thanks to Brad Sugars (the founder of ActionCOACH) for introducing this concept to us.  We recommend creating your own version and this is a guide only.

It helps to give you – and others – clarity on:

  • Who you are as a person/or as a team
  • How you behave
  • What matters to you
  • The values that you live by
  • What behaviour people can expect from you

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