Understand how to manage your time and energy

You’re a person, not a robot, so it’s important to understand how to manage your time and energy best to get the most out of your time and your life.

This section explains the 3 parts of time management: 

  1. What’s working and what’s not working;
  2. Your personal preferences;
  3. Your personal energy cycles and sources

There are exercises in each section to help you really understand what works best for you and to capitalise on it.  You’ll explore exercises with a wealth of examples to select from to:

  • Identify what is working for you – with questions to answer to uncover key nuggets of information to help you schedule more effectively
  • Identify what isn’t working and more importantly, dig deeper into why. You’ll identify patterns that will help you ‘shift’
  • Clarifying your personal preferences and what really inspires you to make progress
  • Looking at examples in your life of routine tasks that help you get clear on your energy boosts and drainers
  • Choose your best ‘recharge’ options to manage your energy better and improve your productivity and effectiveness

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