Using your optimal time chunks for achievement

A 90-minute chunk of focused time is proven to be the optimum for achievement.   Imagine if you allocated one of these each day to building and strengthening your business. What could be achieved over, say, 90 days?

In this resource, we share a list of some of the things we work on in our 90-minute ‘working on the business’ time slots. We treat them like an appointment we would have with someone else. We are not interrupted and do our best work to move the business forward. You’ll find heaps of ideas including:

  • Creating email campaigns, social media and ad campaigns (including auto-responders)
  • Systemising aspects of our business so that we don’t have to do those tasks and can outsource them to others
  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Product development or improvement
  • Getting reviews and testimonials to upload onto our Linkedin profile, our website and other relevant marketing materials

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