Your daily habits and focus

This is a lovely little one-page plan and review sheet that is ideal to do each day.  If you’re part of a team it can help you bond as a team by sharing 5 minutes at the start and end of each day.

The simple sheet helps you to start your day right – by asking ‘What will make today a great day?’ and end with asking ‘What made today a great day?’.  It’s also a great way of capturing insights including:

  • Focusing on your goals with a vision book, vision board or inspiring clip to start the day – to help you stay focused on your goals throughout the day
  • Reviewing using the powerful yet simple LBs and NTs system
  • Capturing LBs – what you liked best about today. This is raising your conscious awareness of what you/your colleagues/team did well so that you can ‘catch yourself doing right’ and make sure that you keep doing those things
  • Capturing NTs – what you could do even better next time. This is much more positive than reviewing ‘what went wrong’ and it’s a way to identify specific actions you can do next time to improve things.  We all know that small improvements over time lead to vastly improved performance and results
  • Also includes a plan to prepare for the next day to leave work at work and clear your mind for your free time

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