Time is our most precious asset and often the one we value the least.  In this section you will find resources for managing your time more effectively and, of course, GoalShaper software will help you achieve this simply and efficiently.

Here you can explore:

  • Repeating/Regular activities that you can ‘checklist’ for consistency and speed
  • Time audits to help you track and analyse your time
  • Default diaries (like a school timetable – remember them!?) You can create your own personal and business default diary and access a range of useful checklists to help make sure you cover everything you need to each:
    • Day
    • Week
    • Month
    • Quarter
    • Year
  • You can access customisable checklists to create consistency in your business/role
  • Ideas for your focused 90-minute sessions working ON rather than IN your business
  • Resources to help you review and plan better so that you are growing and not ‘photocopying’ and repeating what you’ve done before.
  • The ‘golf swing’ metaphor showing the real cost of distraction