‘WIFLE’ stands for ‘What I Feel Like Expressing’ and is a system for allowing everyone in a team to have a voice.  It is about creating a safe space where people can speak their truth and be sure of being heard.  There are a few simple rules to ensure that it stays positive and solution-focused while being honest and open.

These sessions can be held in person, 1:1 or in groups, and even over the phone or internet.  The simple structure ensures that the process stays on track and is productive and helpful.  It can be truly enlightening.

  • Everyone has a voice and will be heard
  • There is a clear way of starting and finishing so it is clear when you’re finished and when the next person’s turn is
  • It is not personal but can uncover some helpful issues that can be addressed positively
  • It is a safe space for open and honest communication
  • Everyone is respectful and the WIFLE system allows for outstanding issues to be picked up

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