Working with ‘difficult’ people?

‘What planet are you on? How to work with difficult people … or are they just different?’ A short article (pdf) by Julie French.

In an argument or disagreement, many people experience a sense of just not understanding or ‘getting’ the other person – that feeling of ‘what planet are you on?!’ Why are you being so unreasonable, so problematic and so difficult?!

Whether you’re someone who’s grappling with a difficult relationship right now, or a trainer, coach or HR professional looking for more effective ways of helping others create better relationships at work, this article offers some powerful, fresh ways of looking at these kinds of age-old problems!

By reading this article you can learn to:

  • Appreciate more about your own biases by learning about DISC
  • Understand how to decode other people’s unique blends of needs, preferences and styles of behaviour
  • Take the heat out of interpersonal ‘conflict’
  • Free up time and energy for more productive working relationships
  • Consider your colleagues and clients and how to match your own behaviour and communication to their preferences to get a job done more efficiently

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