Monthly checklist of roles and responsibilities

This document has proved invaluable over the years, highlighting the different areas of a business and what responsibilities sit within each area. 

I (Mary Collin) first used it as a new, self-employed business owner – where there was only one person in the business to fulfil all these roles – and it quickly showed me where I was strong and where my challenges were.  

Imagine if you scored yourself on this checklist for:

  • Overall culture, attitude and long term planning for your business (CEO/President)
  • Budgets; break even; cashflow; KPIs, review of financials (Financial Director)
  • Campaigns; communications; offers; referrals; networking; newsletters and keep in touch pieces; magic matrix (Marketing Director)
  • Managing the sales process; planning and forecasting income; sales and members kits; sales meetings and conversions (Sales Director).
  • And 4 other areas of business and responsibilities.  It’s quite an eye-opener (especially if you are considering self-employment)


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