This is an incredibly important area (whether you think you have a team or not). Let us explain. We definitely agree with the maxim ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ and it’s important to remember that we all have a team around us.

For the self-employed – even a ‘one (wo)man band’ will have clients, prospects, suppliers, bankers, financial advisers, solicitors, accountants/bookkeepers.  You may also have people you work in joint ventures or strategic alliance partnerships with.

For business employees you will have team members up and down and across the organisation. Your focus may be much more on coaching and training but those clients are also your team.

Remember that you are a key part of team – this section covers everything to do with your own personal and professional development.

In this area you will find a wealth of helpful resources including:

  • Dealing with Difficult People and handling conflict in your team
  • Running successful meetings
  • Meeting format templates
  • Appraisal Review outlines
  • Personal Development
  • 6 Keys to a Winning Team
  • and more