What you measure, you can manage

With sales – and in all areas of business – it’s important to test, measure and adjust.  What you measure you can manage so you’ll benefit from having dashboards, a sales process and some spreadsheets or wall charts where you can capture your key performance indicators (KPIs). 

As you measure your numbers and follow your current processes you can test how your steps are working by measuring the numbers, the results.  Then you can make adjustments to tweak your processes for better results.

  • Capture the numbers for the right KPIs in your business
  • Identify the steps so you can measure where prospects fall out of your sales process
  • Look at how you can improve each area – especially where you are losing the biggest numbers (identifying your conversion rates from one stage to the next)
  • Take one area to improve and use one of your 90 minute time slots to work on it
  • Keep testing, measuring and adjusting in all areas of your business

(Please note there is no downloadable resource for this item – the concept is captured in the text above)


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