Moving prospects through the sales pipeline

A clear sales process helps everyone to understand who is where in the process. Have you just started the relationship with someone or are they well on the way to becoming a great client? 

We share a tried, tested and proven process that helps coaches move prospects through a pipeline to become a client.  Each step is specified and, as well as some ‘behind the scenes’ steps the 7 ‘touches’ help to build the relationship with your potential client. This description and flowchart will help you personalise it to suit your business and requirements. Plenty of ideas for strengthening your own processes are in here.

  • Do you have a clearly set out step by step process which helps build trust with your prospects?
  • Are you sending them information about you to show them what you do and how you help others (including links to your testimonials and recommendations?)
  • Do you have a simple system for getting information from them before meeting with them (checking that they are ‘qualified’ prospects?
  • Is your sales meeting itself clearly formatted and does your prospect understand it?
  • What will you do once they come on board as a client – is there a welcome pack/members kit you can send?

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