Telephone Etiquette

The phone is so often the first (or an early) point of contact with our business and it’s vital that anyone handling calls is properly prepared and trained.  It’s also critical that they are focused on the person at the other end of the phone.  That person could be, or become, your most valuable client.

We believe that telephone etiquette is important so we have created 10 phone standards that you can implement. 

Here is a flavour of what is in the document:

  • The importance of non-verbal communication on phone comm’s – you can ‘hear’ a smile
  • Manners matter – use someone’s name – we all love to hear our name (as long as you get it right!)
  • The importance of giving the other person your name, clearly
  • Some great questions that you can ask – and especially our one ‘magic question’ – it’s guaranteed to get the best results and rapport
  • How to end a call (and how not to!)

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