Example Document and Spreadsheet 

Whilst it can be tempting to offer a discount on your prices, this document shows why it is NEVER a good idea.

Below you will find a choice of:

  1. an example document illustrating the impact of discounting and showing how much more you need to sell, and alternatively if you increase your prices, how much your sales would need to decline before your profit was reduced.
  2. a spreadsheet showing the same information but enabling you to input your own example figures to see the real impact to you.


  • Discounting takes money straight off your bottom line, your pocket
  • Consider offering alternatives – adding something to your offering that has high perceived value but costs you little
  • Consider  asking what they would like to remove from the offering/programme
  • The documents will show you how increasing your prices will impact on reducing your sales targets
  • Think of the language you use . . . we always recommend talking about ‘your investment’ rather than cost or price.

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