Sales are the beating heart of your business and that’s why they are the central ‘hub’ of the 9 Box NEEBS Model. If you’re not making any sales, you don’t have a business. 

If you work in a corporation you will be selling something – and delivering on it. Influencing is a key skill in the sales process. Think of sales as progressing people from ‘interested’ (initial enquiry) to becoming clients.

Here you can access resources that will help you:

  • Master simple networking techniques
  • Identify clearly exactly what products and/or services you are selling
  • Clarify your sales process and how you will move prospects through it
  • Prepare your own ‘magic matrix’ of offerings and identify potential cross-selling and/or upselling opportunities
  • Test, Measure and Adjust your processes to improve your results further
  • How to handle common objections
  • Set your targets – for activity and results
  • Writing proposals and quotes more effectively
  • Influence and negotiate

You’ll also find a range of Agreements and Commitment Statements to use when taking on a new client.