Track your success with a default dashboard.

Knowing which numbers to track in your business, monitoring them and reviewing them gives you power.

You can make informed decisions when you have the facts, the data.  This is part of the ‘test, measure, adjust’ philosophy we teach and it’s important because business is a dynamic living entity.  It’s never complete and it’s never ‘finished’.  It is growing or dying so tracking your numbers and results are important.

  • This spreadsheet acts as a template or baseline for you to customise
  • Each worksheet covers a quarter – 90 days.
  • It divides your business up into 6 potential areas – customise to suit you
  • Copy and paste to create the next quarter’s dashboard once you’re happy it reflects your business well
  • Diarise times to a) update the entries and b) review them so that you can c) make informed decisions within your business


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