Filing, storage and backing up

Are you the only person who looks at your files or do others need access to them?  Even as a one (wo)man band I set up my files as if I had a team.  That made it much easier when I grew the business.

Think through your file structure so that you can drop things into logical places.  Here are some brief ideas to help:

  • We use the 9 boxes in the NEEBS model as our framework or structure, then create sub-folders within each of the 9 sections which we label ‘1 – Vision, Mission, Values & Goals’; 2 – Time; 3 – Financials, etc
  • When naming files be as consistent as possible – we often use client name; date; description format.  EG  ‘ABC Management – 2018 07 01 – Goals’ and ‘ABC Management – 2018 06 02 – Coaching Focus Sheet’
  • Will you store your electronic files on a local machine or hard drive or in the cloud?  We switched to storing in Dropbox (there are other options) so that we could access files from anywhere in the world, on any machine – by logging in with our access details).  We love it and it’s minimised our risk of a machine being stolen or damaged.  Plus backups are automatic.  With a hard drive you must take regular backups and store them safely (we recommend alternating 2 and storing one off the premises)
  • Will others need to access your files?   Again we find Dropbox helpful here – easy to switch sharing on and off and set access to update/edit or just view.  Easy to amend when people change teams.
  • You may want to keep a structure chart of your files if you are using something other than the 9 box model as your framework

(Please note there is no downloadable resource for this item – the concept is captured in the text above)

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