Disaster recovery planning

Do you have a ‘disaster recovery plan’ in place in case of a major problem?  We think it’s a good idea to think about this – our motto is ‘fix it before it goes wrong’.  It’s a bit like insurance, better to have it and not need it than it is to not have it and someday need it.

We share a simple 2 page guide courtesy of Lloyds.  We like it and hope you do it.  It will help you look at:

  • Identifying the key risks to your business and creating your contingency plan
  • Physical risks (hugely reduced if you store information securely in the cloud and have backups and password protected access via something like Dashlane or Last Pass to protect you – enabling you to get new kit and get back up and running quickly)
  • External risks – suppliers, business environment changes, legals, etc
  • Internal risks – product failure, staff, etc
  • How to create and store a contingency plan, plus useful external reference links.


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