Operations & Admin

Create and improve your systems to make things happen. Document processes and test them to ensure that they are specific and clear. Doing this well gives you freedom to delegate some of the tasks and processes within a business or role.

This area covers:

  • The power of checklists
  • Testing, measuring and adjusting your systems and processes (once you can see things written down, step by step, you can start improving and streamlining)
  • Storing info in an easy to access format – like this! (that’s why we love the 9 Box Model)
  • Updating regularly, as required, with improvements
    • Your in house systems including communications (IT, Broadband, mail, phones);
    • managing your database and CRM (customer relationship management software and systems;
    • your filing and storage systems;
    • Your IT – hardware, software and backing up;
    • password management;
    • disaster recovery planning.