This is a condensed one-page version of the full document ‘9 Points to a Powerful Personal Profile’.  We recommend you download the full document and then use this as a ‘reminder’ to keep it fresh.

It highlights the 9 key areas that really matter in your Linkedin profile (or any other profile!) so you can optimise your investment of time to make sure that your ideal contacts are attracted to you. 

It helps you to:

  • Create your profile in a clear and compelling way
  • Makes sure you set it up so that you get found for what you want to get found for (rather than random connections)
  • Showcase yourself and your business in a way that appeals to your ideal target contacts
  • Give value to your ideal contacts helping them build trust in you
  • Prove your credibility in meaningful ways to your audience – helping you build relationships that are commercial and profitable more quickly

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